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About Garry Anderson

Garry Anderson is an Australian artist, portrait painter and sculptor.
Making art is Garry’s full time career and he is well represented in many public and private collections both locally and internationally. His work has been hung and shortlisted on the five occasions he has entered the Alice Bail Prize.
Garry Anderson's 'The Potato Eater/Pea Eater' is an exemplary example of the power that art still commands in the contemporary, digital-image-saturated-world and also highlights the artist’s organic approach to image making. Using brush, pigment and the naked eye Garry works directly from nature scrutinising form and content pinning down the essential elements. Garry eschews all use of technology to talk about technology, using people and place as reference point and vehicle to discuss who we are in relation to an unpredictable environment. He never uses photographic images as a substitute for reality he believes that the strength and resonance of good art is largely attributed to working directly from life.
As well as being a fine portrait painter Garry has received much critical acclaim for his sculptures, street-scapes, landscapes, still-life and his special genre ‘yard scenes’ - that have been described as poignant renderings of Australian backyards.
Garry Anderson, Australian born artist, portrait painter and sculptor
Garry Anderson
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